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Dyson donates purifiersa to Australian schools

Dyson donates products to bushfire-impacted schools and families

In conjunction with the ACT Education Directorate, 400 purifiers will be donated to 88 schools.

05 February 2020

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA. 5 FEB 2020. With the devastating and ongoing national bushfire crisis set to continue, Dyson has announced it is donating over $600,000 (AUD) worth of products including purifiers and vacuums to bushfire-impacted Australian communities to support relief efforts.

From this week, 400 Dyson Pure Cool™ purifying fans will be sent to schools in areas of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) affected by bushfire smoke pollution. With in-depth expertise in air quality technology, Dyson air purifiers are engineered to automatically sense pollution, capture gases and ultrafine particles, and project clean air to every corner of the room while reporting on air quality levels in real time.

CBA’s Institutional Banking and Markets team played a key role in facilitating the distribution of 400 Dyson Pure Cool™ purifying fans to 88 ACT Government schools within three weeks.

The ACT Government’s Education Directorate confirmed it is deploying at least two Dyson Pure Cool purifying fans to each of the 88 public schools in the ACT to ensure that each location will have a designated area with purified air for vulnerable children and young people. The remaining products will be distributed to schools on the basis of the level of relative vulnerability of students and local environmental conditions.

“At Dyson, we want to make a genuine difference to peoples’ lives in bushfire-impacted areas, right now and in the future. Children can take up to 30,000 breaths a day. Their lungs are still developing, which makes them vulnerable to air pollution so it is vital to find effective solutions. By donating our purification technologies to schools in areas severely affected by bushfire smoke pollution, we want to tackle the growing problems associated with poor air quality and help improve wellbeing.”

Additionally, Dyson cord-free and full-size vacuums will be donated to families who have sadly lost their homes or possessions in NSW, as well as those who suffer from asthma or allergies in smoke-affected areas, helping to remove fine dust and dirt.

Please note: Dyson air purifiers are tested to Dyson internal test method TM-003711 in a 27m2 room.

Find out more about the Dyson Pure Cool purifying fans we are sending to Australian schools here.

Find out more about our Dyson vacuums and their specifications here.

To talk to a member of our Dyson press office, please find your local press office details here.

About CBA

Earlier this month CBA announced the Bushfire Recovery Grants program, which is expected to fund projects worth at least $10 million. Applications up to $50,000 per grant are now open. The Bank will also match all donations made through the CommBank app to the Australian Red Cross, with the additional funds to go towards the CBA Bushfire Recovery Grants Program.

About Environmental Care at Dyson

In 2018, we worked with 72 researchers across18 universities on 42 live Environmental Care projects, including Machine Leaning research in Oxford University and Fluid Dynamic research in Cambridge University.

  • Purification technology: In 2018, Dyson launched a new generation of purifiers: Dyson Pure Cool™ purifying Tower fan, Dyson Pure Cool™ purifying Desk Fan and Dyson Pure Hot+Cool™ purifying fan heater in 46 markets. With improved displays, filters and air delivery systems, they are engineered to purify uniformly across a room, tackling the growing problems associated with indoor air quality.

  • Sensing and interpreting: The latest generation of purifying fans feature the upgraded sensor technology, with algorithms precisely calibrated based on world leading academic-grade equipment. Dyson now has one of the most accurate pictures of indoor air quality globally, with one million Dyson Purifiers now actively analysing the air in homes around the world, providing over one trillion data points. This allows Dyson to track trends in air quality and inform the development of future products.

  • Awareness: Dyson is deepening its research into the problems posed by air pollution. This is leading to the development of advanced air quality standards. China’s Household Appliance Standard and Technology Industry Alliance[1] released the first association standard globally for intelligent air purifying fans in January 2018 – featuring test methods first developed on Dyson’s UK Technology Campus. In conjunction with Dyson engineers, experts at CHEARI have constructed a 27m2 test chamber designed to better reflect real average living room sizes of Chinese homes.

  • Research: Dyson’s in-house Environmental Care research team has passed 300 TRL milestones this year, equal to the rest of the business combined, delivering technologies forming the cornerstone of the next generation of products. They additionally draw on researchers from 18 universities. In 2018 Dyson also undertook studies to understand indoor air quality in schools, including Project In-Na in Taiwan where 1,856 purifiers were seeded to 594 government kindergartens the air quality and filters were analysed. In 2019 Dyson is working with the Mayor of London to study the air quality in schools across the UK capital using new, Dyson-designed portable technology.

  • National Air Quality Education initiative in Australia: With in-depth expertise in air quality technology, in 2019 Dyson launched a national air quality education initiative in partnership with Little Scientists Australia, a not-for-profit program for early childhood educators and teachers. The campaign provided education on air pollution with hands-on practical demonstrations using the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool™ purifying fan heater to show how it can support learning opportunities in their early learning centres. Collaborating with Dyson engineers, a series of Air Science workshops were held nationally to help people understand more about the science of air while also cleaning the air they breathe.

  • Breathe London – Greater London Authority and C40 Initiative: Improving air quality in London has been labelled as one of Mayor Sadiq Khan’s key priorities in 2019. The Greater London Authority has identified air pollution as a threat to public health, with strong scientific evidence demonstrating the correlation between negative health effects and exposure to air pollution, both in the long and short term. It has been accredited that the escalating rise of air pollution poses the largest threat towards those who are most vulnerable, such as children.  Breathe London is a partnership between the Greater London Authority and C40. Find out more about the Breathe London project by watching the video here.

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